The Observatory consists of two regularly updated sources of information that will help you in identifying content relevant to Societal Security. This includes news, scientific documents, legal and policy information, video interviews, podcasts, blogs and websites. The aim of the observatory is to create one meaningful space where knowledge is identified, collected and inserted, organised and shared, so that it is easy for you to find what you are looking for in order to further your work, whether it is research, policy making, advocating, reporting, or information thirst.

Media Watch

The media watch collects news articles in English that are relevant to societal security from over 300 news outlets internationally. Since mid January 2015, the media watch crawls the web continuously looking for news articles relevant to societal security. Using several layers of search terms and keywords, the media watch is able to sort and organise the articles. This is a constant work in progress, and with your help and use can become more accurate and smarter. The media watch allows you to search freely through the collection of over 230.000 articles (number growing daily). You can also use the various filters to narrow down your search.  Additionally, are tabs that allow you to view your results on a map or in a graph. Finally, we have added an option for you to export data. Based on your selected period of time, and keywords (whether filters or free keywords), you can see how often a term or a combination of terms were used in the media over a period of time. Enjoy!

Help us make it better? Send us a line if you find a news media that you think should be represented in our media watch, or if you find news articles that do not belong in the media watch, notification can help us identify the keywords that bring the most false positives, and will allow us to improve our crawling methods.

Knowledge Base

source project knowledge base societal securityThe knowledge base aims to be one stop shop for all other societal security relevant content that is freely available. Here you will be able to find scientific publications, policy documents, research projects, blogs, video interviews and presentations, research projects, reports and links. This is also where you can access all SOURCE related publications, such as our technology trend fact sheets. The knowledge base is frequently updated. If you have know of content that would belong in the knowledgebase, Send us a line !

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