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Romanian Ambassador to UN pleads for deeper analysis of climate changes impact on peace and security

Romanian Ambassador to UN pleads for deeper analysis of climate changes impact on peace and security.Romania’s permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Ion Jinga, on Friday held a speech in the Security...

Bringing Greener Pastures Back Home

Combating Desertification and Drought, Development & Aid, Environment, Featured, Food & Agriculture, Food Sustainability, Global, Headlines, IPS UN: Inside the Glasshouse, Migration & Refugees, Natural...

Africa: How Artificial Intelligence Is Spearheading Unprecedented Change in Africa

Photo: Pixabay As Africa and indeed the world is on the brink of an era of heightened technological capabilities and empowerment, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is lined...

Tico Times: Letters to the Editor (Jan. 11, 2019)

The Tico Times is proud to be an independent, English-language news source in Costa Rica. Our readers regularly submit editorials and responses to our articles; we appreciate your opinions and feedback.Below is a...

What I Learned From Cancer

I was not thinking of any of the symptoms during writing sessions. But after all the writing thoughts, it was back to fighting, or rather, enduring.Amazingly, the cancer symptoms started receding almost immediately...

News Daily: Screen time advice and US shutdown uncertainty

If you want to get this briefing by email, sign-up hereOver the Christmas holidays, parents might have noticed that their offspring tend, when not otherwise employed, to spend rather a lot of time looking at...

‘Milestones are clear’ for ‘significant progress’ in Somalia during 2019, Security Council hears

Nicholas Haysom commended the Office of the Prime Minister “for leading Government efforts to tackle corruption”, and praised improvements in public financial management which had led to a recorded surplus of $8...

 The EU putting civil-military cooperation in practise in the Horn of Africa

BRUSSELS, Belgium, January 2, 2019- The Horn of Africa is an area of intensive maritime trade, as well as a centre of migratory routes towards Europe. For the EU, cooperation with the regional countries leading to...

Editors’ picks: Why you need to read these 2018 stories

Our top 10 most popular stories are those you clicked on most in 2018, but we also had our own favourites. Over the past 12 months, IRIN reporters spanned out across the globe to examine under-reported crises, long...

The full Queen's New Year's Honours List for 2019

Monty Python star and travel documentary maker Michael Palin, 1960s supermodel Twiggy, and acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan have joined a long list of stars from the world of entertainment, sports and the arts...


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