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Africa: How Global Warming Is Adding to the Health Risks of Poor People

analysisThere is mounting evidence of the impact of climate change on human habitat and health, on plant and animal life, on water resources and shorelines. These changes are felt unevenly within - and between -...

News story: Over £35 million to support Scottish universities tackling global challenges

This is part of a £270 million package to support projects across the country to reduce the impact of ocean pollution, improve security of food supply and control infectious diseases.Putting the UK at the forefront...

Democrats should aim for Medicare for More rather than Medicare for All

A placard at a protest outside a Trump 2020 campaign fundraiser in New York, 2017. Image: PAEarlier this month, the newly elected US congress took office with Democrats now commanding a majority in the House...

Africa: Why So Few Visas Are Issued for Africans Wanting to Come to Germany

Photo: Deutsche Welle A visa to visit Germany. It's not easy for Africans to obtain a visa to visit Germany. A DW data analysis...

Dwight Nelson: He is not himself if he does not serve

This feature, first published in April 2005 in The Desmond Allen Interviews series, is being republished today in tribute to Dwight Nelson, former national security minister and veteran trade unionist, who died on...
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