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What's Behind The Crisis In Venezuela – And What Is The UK Doing About It?

Venezuela has had more than its fair share of international headlines this week, as the country’s deepening political crisis threatens to reach boiling point. The south American country, led by president Nicolas...

Kiah Morris case: How far do free speech protections go in the US?

Absolutely central to the US Constitution is the right to free speech. But how far can it be extended, in comparison with the UK?Kiah Morris was the only black woman in the Vermont legislature - until she quit in...

TwentyFour Select Monthly Income Fund - Annual Financial Report

LEI: 549300P9Q5O2B3RDNF78(Classified Regulated Information, under DTR 6 Annex Section 1.1)TWENTYFOUR SELECT MONTHLY INCOME FUND LIMITEDAnnual Report and Audited Financial StatementsFor the year ended 30 September...

Campaigners Call for UK Police to Treat 'Misogyny' as Hate Crime - Reports

British police forces should begin nation-wide efforts to treat misogyny as a hate crime, according to an open letter signed by various politicians and so-called activists.British members of parliament (MPs) such...

Taking back control? Brexit seems to offer exactly the opposite

Towards the end of the Channel 4 drama Brexit: The Uncivil War which was broadcast last Monday evening, the leaders of the rival Remain and Leave campaigns meet in a central London bar. By coincidence Craig Oliver...

Behind the story of Anna Soubry being called a Nazi lies a classic Brexit sequence of events

Behind the incident of Anna Soubry being called a Nazi by a small group of Leave yobs beside College Green lies a classic Brexit sequence of events. For many months now, Remain protestors have infested that area....

Labour AM accused of 'unacceptable' comments about Jews allowed back into Assembly group

Labour AM Jenny Rathbone has been allowed back into the Labour group in the Assembly despite an investigation into alleged anti-Semitic comments she made continuing. Ms Rathbone, who represents Cardiff Central, was...

Brexit, lies, and rich folk

Jacob Rees-Mogg attends a fringe event to discuss Brexit during the Conservative Party annual conference in Birmingham in 2018. Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/PA Images. All rights reserved.The American social...

The tall stories we tell ourselves about happiness

There are countless stories about how we ought to live our lives. We are expected to be ambitious; to want to be wealthy, successful and well educated; to get married, be monogamous and have kids. These social...
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