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DEATH ISLAND MYSTERY: Paradise hotspot where tourists meet violent end

The Caribbean island of St Lucia is blessed with sandy white beaches, beautiful crystal clear waters and a tranquil atmosphere that tens of thousands of tourists flock to each year to wind down and escape their...

Outrage over reports of rape by Zimbabwe soldiers

Johannesburg - A British member of parliament has expressed her horror at reports of Zimbabwean women being raped by soldiers during a violent crackdown on protesters.Harriet Baldwin, MP for West Worcestershire and...

Prof on UK Drone Law: Stricter Regulation Could Lead to More Illegal Drones

Sputnik: How can police prevent drones from entering airports' airspace? How can they be disabled or downed?Professor Kevin Curran: Aside from geo-zoning of drones by manufacturers that prevent them flying into ...

Sharm el-Sheikh: UK should end flight ban - Egyptian ambassador

Direct flights from Britain to Sharm el-Sheikh should resume, the Egyptian ambassador to the UK has said.Tarek Adel told the BBC Egypt had finished working with British security teams to upgrade its airports and...

Project Fact: how scared should we really be of a no deal?

Food shortages, diabetics going without insulin, outbreaks of salmonella and swine flu: a no-deal Brexit has become a dystopia of the imagination that gives even the Old Testament a run for its money. To lend it...
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