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Paper review: Front pages focus on key Brexit vote

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Cuts are causing stress and heartache in the family courts

"The breakdown of a relationship will often leave an individual in an emotional and vulnerable state. To add to this trauma, the need to present your own case in a way that is intelligible to a court is too much to...

British politics is broken; we need democracy to fix it

This week the British Parliament took part in one of the most historic votes in modern political history. It was the chance for MPs to ratify the Prime Minister’s proposed Brexit deal. The outcome? A landslide...

Mental health changes give care homes too much power, critics say

Changes to mental health safeguards – intended to protect hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people – will hand care home managers and private hospitals far too much power, the government has been warned.The Law...

No Democratic Mandate for So-called 'People’s Vote' – But Clear One for IndyRef2

Rejoice I say. Theresa May is a serial liar and a heartless Conservative deserving of the title 'Malevolent May' and therefore well suited to lead the Tory Party. She has been finished as a credible Prime Minister...

British campaigners, MPs call for misogyny to be made hate crime

A coalition of British campaign groups and MPs called on the Metropolitan Police Service commissioner, Cressida Dick, to make misogyny a hate crime. It comes after it was revealed that gender hate incidents were at...

Detailed guide: Food standards: labelling, durability and composition

The information under the bottled water heading was updated in January 2019. The rest of the information on this page is awaiting review. This guide covers more specific legal requirements for some particular food...
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