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Sept. 11 defense lawyers threaten hearing boycott over FBI interview of paralegal

This article was produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. GUANTANAMO BAY NAVY BASE, Cuba — The attorney for Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged architect of the 9/11 plot, on Monday...

International undercover agents target Toronto-based digital rights group Citizen Lab

The Canadian researchers who reported that Israeli software was used to spy on Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi's inner circle before his gruesome death are being targeted in turn by international...

Soros urges Trump to maintain pressure on China’s Xi

Investor and philanthropist George Soros said late on Thursday (24 January) that US President Donald Trump should focus on tackling China, whose President Xi Jinping is “the most dangerous enemy”, and recommended a...

Is Big Tech Merging With Big Brother? Kinda Looks Like It

A friend of mine, who runs a large television production company in the car-mad city of Los Angeles, recently noticed that his intern, an aspiring filmmaker from the People’s Republic of China, was walking to work...

8 things we must do to tackle humanitarian crises in 2019

In Timbuktu, Mali this month I met with families without food whose crops have failed and whose children have been killed by improvised explosive devices (IED). I couldn't help but be moved by the deep levels of...

Fuel from Iran is financing Yemen rebels’ war, U.N. experts say

ASSOCIATED PRESS / DEC. 13 Tribesmen loyal to Houthi rebels hold up their weapons as they attend a gathering to show their support for the ongoing peace talks in Sanaa, Yemen...

Huawei and Apple smartphones are both made in China, so what is the difference?

Email ByChristina Zhou Updated January 19, 2019 10:00:02 Photo: Experts say phones of persons of security...

Syria's war: Who is responsible for the dying children of Rukban?

Beirut, Lebanon - There was no heating to keep the tent warm. There was no money to buy the medicine which might have saved his daughter. There was not even enough milk in the breast of the mother - suffering from...

Manafort Worked With Russian-Ukrainian On Peace Plan Before -- And Long After -- Criminal Charges

KYIV -- Konstantin Kilimnik, the alleged Russian intelligence operative who helped run Paul Manafort's operations in Kyiv for roughly a decade, boasted of the duo's closeness to RFE/RL in a 2017 interview. "The...

China’s Huawei unveils chip for global big data market

Huawei Technologies Ltd. showed off a new processor chip for data centers and cloud computing Monday, expanding into new and growing markets despite Western warnings the company might be a security risk.Huawei and...


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