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Risch won’t publicly hammer Trump with foreign relations committee gavel

New Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Jim Risch won’t publicly bash President Donald Trump the way predecessor Bob Corker publicly, famously did over disagreements on international policy.It’s not the low-...

EXCLUSIVE: How Liberal Media 'Operates as Propaganda System for State Power'

They regularly issue "media alerts", offering analysis on major global events and issues, seeking to draw attention to the misleading "limits" within which corporate media operates. They also frequently challenge...

Colbert I. King: Martin Luther King would be outraged by how far we’ve backtracked

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, observed Monday, is as good a time as any to take stock of progress made toward establishing "a reign of freedom and a rule of justice" that King called for in his Dec. 10, 1964,...

President Donald Trump goes wall to wall on the wall

WASHINGTON, DC, USA (AP) — Never mind the chants, the roars, the repetition. President Donald Trump acknowledged this past week he didn't mean it when he told crowds over and over that Mexico would pay — actually...

Why Was Beto O’Rourke A National Phenomenon While Stacey Abrams Wasn’t?

One was a three-term congressman known for once playing in a punk band, riding a skateboard and giving an answer about structural racism that went viral.The other was the leader of her party in a Deep South state...

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Giorgos Katrougalos’ interview with the Athens Macedonian News Agency

JOURNALIST: The parliament of the fYROM has concluded the process of voting on the constitutional changes based on the Prespa Agreement. What does approval of the Agreement by the neighbouring country mean for...

Trump's Border Wall Tops This Week's Internet News Roundup

Only in times like these can the internet oscillate between getting excited about the woman serving water on the red carpet at the Golden Globes and fascination with Jeff Bezos' love life in the same week. That's...

Roundtable With Traveling Press

Remarks Michael R. Pompeo Secretary of State Abu Dhabi January 12, 2019SECRETARY POMPEO: Well, let me start. We're now at the second – so look, we're on the second stop in our swing through the Gulf states...

Trump-Russia: FBI probed whether Trump was working for Moscow - NYT

The White House has condemned a New York Times report that the FBI opened an inquiry into whether President Trump was secretly working for Russia.Law enforcement officials became concerned by Mr Trump's behaviour...

Terrorists and the southern border: Myth and reality

Published 11 January 2019Taken at face value, rhetoric from the White House and DHS would lead Americans to believe that the United States is facing a terrorism crisis at our southern border. The situation being...


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