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8 things we must do to tackle humanitarian crises in 2019

In Timbuktu, Mali this month I met with families without food whose crops have failed and whose children have been killed by improvised explosive devices (IED). I couldn't help but be moved by the deep levels of...

Azerbaijani Authorities Say Two Extremists Killed In Tense City Of Ganca

BAKU -- Authorities say police killed two alleged religious extremists in a confrontation in Ganca, Azerbaijan's second-largest city and the site of past violence blamed on Islamic militants.Famil Alakbarov and...

Could Sending Mail Bombs Be Classified as Terrorism?

Although it has not yet been determined whether the suspect in custody in the mailing of explosive devices to critics of President Donald Trump will be charged with terrorism, at least one analyst asserts that this...

“False flags,” explained

After explosive devices were sent to prominent critics of President Donald Trump, including Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and former CIA Director John Brennan (via CNN’s New York headquarters...

The politics of artificial intelligence: an interview with Louise Amoore

Shutterstock/Ollyy. All rights reserved.Krystian Woznicki (KW):‘Rethinking political agency in an AI-driven world’ is the topic of the AMBIENT REVOLTS conference in Berlin on 8–10 November. I would therefore like...

Explosive devices sent to public figures who have tense histories with Trump

Hours after multiple explosive devices were found or intercepted at addresses around the country belonging to a number of public figures who have criticized President Donald Trump and who have frequently been...

Inside China's internment camps: Tear gas, tasers and textbooks

BEIJING: On state television, the vocational education centre in China's far west looked like a modern school where happy students studied Mandarin, brushed up their job skills, and pursued hobbies such as sports...

Mali not fulfilling its 'sovereign role' in protecting its people: UN human rights expert

11 October 2018 - In an effort to better protect people and their property throughout Mali, the international community must honour commitments to help reduce violent extremism, chronic insecurity and ineffective...

American Muslims 17 years after 9/11

17 years after 9/11 terrorist attacks, American Muslims remain on the receiving end since 9/11/2001 but their plight has taken a new twist under President Donald Trump whose anti-Muslim policies alarmingly fomented...

Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve Press Briefing By Col. Ryan via Teleconference from Baghdad, Iraq

U.S. Department of Defense Press Operations News Transcript Presenter: Colonel Sean J. Ryan, spokesman, Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve; Commander Sean Robertson, Pentagon spokesman...


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