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Syrian Kurds declare Turkish threats an 'act of war' as U.S. troops dig in for long stay

Fighting against the Islamic State group in its last enclave in eastern Syria “is going very well,” a U.S. official said Saturday as U.S.-backed Syrian fighters battled the extremists on the edge of the largest...

A call for an international right of hospitality

Refugees saved by boat off the Libyan coast while attempting to cross over to Italy in the Mediterranean, 27 January 2018. Laurin Schmid/SOS Mediterranee/Press Association. All rights reserved.The situation in the...

The Media Is Not Pro-Palestinian, Just Anti-Israel

4:16 PM 06/29/2018 share on facebook tweet this share show comments Share Print Reddit Share Email WhatsApp Many major Western...

Russia’s Telegram ban is just the start of the battle over online anonymity

13 April: activists from Vesna ("Spring") movement in St Petersburg deliver paper airplanes, the symbol of the now banned Telegram app, to the city's Roskomnadzor office. (c) David Frenkel. All rights reserved. On...
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