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National Counterintelligence and Security Center Launches Campaign to Help Private Industry Guard Against Threats from Nation State Actors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ODNI News Release No. 01-19 January 7, 2019National Counterintelligence and Security Center Launches Campaign to Help Private Industry Guard Against Threats from Nation State ActorsThe...

Writers silenced by surveillance: self-censorship in the age of big data

Photo by rawpixel.comWe know what censorship looks like: writers being murdered, attacked or imprisoned; TV and radio stations being shut down; the only newspapers parrot the state; journalists lost in the...

Bolstering resilience to withstand floods

Published 8 November 2018Historically, flooding is the most destructive natural disaster in this country. Facing this ever-growing threat, many wonder, “What can be done to protect life and property, reduce...

Facebook confirms 50 million accounts affected by security breach

NEW YORK (AFP): Facebook Inc said Friday hackers stole digital login codes allowing them to take over nearly 50 million user accounts in its worst security breach ever given the unprecedented level of potential...

Mark Zuckerberg's own Facebook account affected by security breach

Facebook, which has more than 2.2 billion monthly users, said it has yet to determine whether the attacker misused any accounts or stole private information. It also has not identified the attacker’s location or...

West Virginia to introduce mobile phone voting for midterm elections

The state's decision to pioneer mobile voting comes even as the United States grapples with Russian interference in its elections. A recent federal indictment outlined Russia's attempts to hack US voting...

New phishing protection for mobile devices

Published 6 July 2018DHS S&T said that new and enhanced mobile phishing and content protection capabilities are being transitioned to the government and private-sector. Phishing protection, an important and...

The New Satellite Arms Race Threatening to Explode in Space

In the midafternoon of January 11, 2007, US Air Force major general William Shelton sat at the head of a table in a command center at California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base, holding a telephone to each ear. Shelton...

In border controversy, US ignores a tech alternative to detention centers - CNET

The US government may have a more humane and cost-effective tech alternative to detaining families at the border. But it isn't being offered to the thousands of immigrant families that have been forcibly split over...

How China could spy on Trump's summit with Kim Jong Un

U.S. officials are concerned China has recruited informants among the waiters and other staff in Singapore's restaurants and bars, who are paid to eavesdrop on American customers and report back to their Chinese...


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