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Tommy Robinson and the far right’s new playbook

In the last few years, a new kind of far-right activism has emerged. This new activism, comprised largely of online anger and offline protest, crosses borders yet is heavily nationalist. It has figureheads but no...

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz: 'Why Does Everything I Do Get So Overblown?'

September 07, 2018  06:21 PM Print Feedback Comment DER SPIEGEL: Mr. Chancellor, Austria is the current holder of the rotating European Council presidency. The motto you have chosen for your six-month...

Who Are We?: Examining the State of German Identity

August 29, 2018  04:12 PM Print Feedback Comment Six years ago, back in 2012, things weren't all that different than they are today. Angela Merkel was chancellor and Joachim Löw was the head coach of the...

Deceit: Will the revival of state enterprises work in Uganda?

For undertaking a pro-market economic reform, Uganda was portrayed as a success in promoting economic growth and fighting poverty by the donors. However, the success story was questioned even in the Western press (...

Ukraine’s little known memory war

January 2016: a rally in honour of wartime nationalist Stepan Bandera's birthday in Kyiv, Ukraine. Photo: Sergei Chuzavkov / AP / Press Association Images. All rights reserved.Earlier this year, more than 50...

Readers Respond to Jordan Peterson in Aspen

Don’t assume that I agree or disagree with any of what follows.Savannah writes: Thank you for your measured commentary on Jordan Peterson. I think my primary discomfort with him is the core idea you've identified:...
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