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Soros urges Trump to maintain pressure on China’s Xi

Investor and philanthropist George Soros said late on Thursday (24 January) that US President Donald Trump should focus on tackling China, whose President Xi Jinping is “the most dangerous enemy”, and recommended a...

India, Morocco conclude key pact for mutual recognition of academic qualifications

NEW DELHI:IndiaandMoroccohave this week signed a key pact titled Facilitate Mutual Recognition of Academic Qualifications with the North African country becoming one of the few to conclude such a pact with Delhi."...

Banking on public power: what we can learn from the Institute of International Finance

Christine Lagarde, Chinese Finance Minister Xiao Jie and China's central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan(left)in G20 Finance Ministers'group photo, 2017. Xinhua/Press Association. All rights reserved.September 2011,...

French diplomat: Spies gonna spy – there aren't any magical cyberspace laws that can prevent it

FIC2019 A French diplomat has suggested that future global regulation of cyberspace could exempt spying from regulation "as long as some specific sectors are preserved".Although he prefaced his comments by saying "...

Zimbabweans join stay-at-home protest after deadly clashes over price hikes

Harare - Streets were mostly quiet on Tuesday in Zimbabwe's capital Harare and second city Bulawayo as banks, schools and businesses stayed shut, a day after deadly protests over economic hardship and a sharp...

Is the Israel Defence Forces ready for all out war?

Yaakov LappinThe Israeli military’s state of readiness has dramatically improved, but it has a lot more catching up to do. It has spent years neglecting the ground forces – and those forces will be essential if...

National Reclamation:- Against the Perpetuation of a ruling elitist dynasty!

The leadership and general membership of the National Reclamation Assembly are deeply concerned about the current state of affairs in our beloved nation. We would like to categorically state that the situation is...

’Despotic leaders, massively consequential’

On Wednesday 12 December, the final United States Foreign Relations Committee hearing of the 115th Congress led by outgoing chairman, representative Ed Royce (R-CA) in Washington, DC convened a meeting entitled “...

How capitalism is killing us

Hitchhiking through Venezuela some years ago, a friend and I availed ourselves of the novel opportunity to receive free medical care at health clinics established by late President Hugo Chavez, a much-vilified...

The full Queen's New Year's Honours List for 2019

Monty Python star and travel documentary maker Michael Palin, 1960s supermodel Twiggy, and acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan have joined a long list of stars from the world of entertainment, sports and the arts...


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