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South Sudan troubled history in the backdrop of the ongoing peace process

By Deng VanangThe role of history in politics and everyday life including medicine, tells us how problems start and why they continuously repeat themselves if not attended to correctly, especially in South Sudan....

Australia can't trust America with the 'mad king' Donald Trump in power

We have no excuse for overlooking the meaning of this anniversary. And its timing compels us to consider its lessons.In last week marking the 75th anniversary of the fall of Singapore, Malcolm Turnbull called it "...

Donald Trump Refugee Ban: How Theresa May's US And Turkey Trip Turned Into A Political Thunderstorm

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire Within seconds of Theresa May’s plane touching down at Heathrow on Saturday night, she and her team knew that she’d flown back into a political storm. Hurricane Donald, a huge weather...

‘Europe really does protect our fundamental rights’

0 Shares No Comments June 14, 2016 I write as a lawyer that works on International regulatory issues and Human Rights to give some clarity to readers about two of the key issues central to the...
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