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Kremlin-linked contractors help guard Venezuela's Maduro: Sources

MOSCOW: Private military contractors who do secret missions for Russia flew into Venezuela in the past few days to beef up security for President Nicolas Maduro in the face of U.S.-backed opposition protests,...

How US-Venezuela Escalation Unfolded From Sanctions to Backing Anti-Maduro Coup

Donald Trump, who once refused to “rule out a military option” in Venezuela, has been consistent with a hard-line approach towards the South American country under President Nicolas Maduro.READ MORE: Things to Know...

MH17 Shocking Truth: JIT Seeks to Exonerate Kiev of Blame - Russian Prosecutor

Mr. Vinnichenko, tell us please how does Russian-Dutch cooperation in the investigation into the Malaysian Boeing MH17 crash look now? How has it developed since the beginning? It's obvious that this cooperation is...

INF Treaty US Abrogation: Chance of New Arms Race is Very Likely - Scholar

Trump's announcement comes after Washington confirmed it would initiate its withdrawal from the 1987 Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) next month despite Moscow's attempts to preserve the deal.Radio Sputnik...

Chinese court sentences Canadian to death for drug smuggling

A court in China has sentenced a Canadian man to death on drug trafficking charges after his previous 15-year prison sentence was deemed too lenient, a ruling likely to deepen a diplomatic rift between Ottawa and...

'I live pay cheque to pay cheque': How the US government shutdown is hurting workers

Email Posted January 10, 2019 15:02:51 Video: Trump walks out of border wall meeting (ABC News...

Africa in December: Electoral mayhem in the DRC, the violent suppression of seething Sudanese, and more

The delay in announcement of election results in the Democratic Republic of Congo is causing friction and has raised suspicions of electoral fraud. There is concern that the main presidential contender, Emmanuel...

China sends military ships and aircraft to warn off US Navy vessel in disputed waters

Email Updated January 07, 2019 22:18:07 Photo: China and the US have repeatedly clashed over China building...

Commentary: Huge moves in Saudi Arabia are just shifts in the deck chairs

WASHINGTON: The Saudi government last week announced a series of royal decrees that appointed a new foreign minister in place of the well-known Adel al Jubeir, moved other officials into new positions, and...

Israel Wants to Intensify Intel, Ops Cooperation With US in Syria - Netanyahu

In-Depth Coverage 18:42 01.01.2019(updated 19:33 01.01.2019) Earlier, US President Donald Trump announced that Washington would be pulling its estimated 2,000 US troops out of Syria, and gave the Pentagon four...


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